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the haze of her purple eyes haunt me
best of both worlds like sweet and salty
hearts are bulky
rhymes are sulky
im soaking in the remnants of the moments i've remembered as haunting
taunting and then nodding
seven fold, let it go, im spittin seven flows
seventh heaven, onto eleven, i've got some hefty flows
hell knows, i should get high to forget that problems arise
cause every time i remember, i surrender like jesus christ
people lie ilke birds fly and friends die,
my soul will be preserved like sodium benzoate
i've been right like an enzyme
clear eyes like ben stein
spittin lines that my pen writes
yeah im so right
so tight like hot dykes
hot cakes and hot plates, and cold nights
and mad fights, what the fuck is the point of this right
the right to free speech, bitch im unique
asking questions like what do you see
happy things look so innocent
swallow it like cinnamon
ignorant shit thats so intricate
lazy american buried in pride and irrelevance
and hope things will get intimate
hope kids will become intelligent

i'm just dwelling man, i'm just dwelling man x2

frankenstein at the guggenheim
my flow is one rhyme away from being brutally humanized
always scrutinized, interesting clothes, no suit and tie
do or die, progressing woes, answering questions like who am i
suicide, in lieu of the super fly, power, after-hours, writing lines,
yeah its fine,
rapping is not a crime
passion is it's prime
fashion and active brains love to thrive
on the beautiful times
notable lives, screwable wives
crucial like the crucible wrapped around thei beautiful eyes
im a weakling, im freaking out cause more artificial shit is seeping in through the clouds
rockin denim on denim
pockets full of benjamins
watching jetsons, each rhyme is prevalent
like im ready to get em, but i think ill order out like mexican
exeption is when reppin is intensely unsettling
wait a second then, let me work to my benefit

i'm just dwelling on the past
i'm just dwelling on the past


released January 6, 2012
beat by blakroc
lyrics by young adult



all rights reserved



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