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room smells like cigarettes and pleasure
american spirits, blank noise all i hear in rainy weather
the pain is feathered with insane remnants of my tainted records
champagne nights just in spite of the life i've contained together
and i write just to fight the pain forever
popular kids postulating raunchy vids
sick shit, lip sync, i'm so hip, n-sync, fuck what u think bitch
simple rhymes like english, good times so intense,
writing lines leaving in dents, paragraphs so dense
make the kids go dance dance, till the hoes can' t stand straight
i live for my damn stance, so ill my rants straight,
dictate, fate like my hands playing games with my brain
i'm insane, all you do is fucking hate
success, suffocates the less fortunate born with this
love to make lushious lakes of fake names for fucking sake
such a waste, brilliant minds, drilling in time,intake meanwhile
im sitting in a picture thinking about crimes
sinking in vivid grime like
the minds sight
the limelight is hindsight
and i'm tripping on rhymes like
the lines quite long, but im strong
do anything like its a klondike

i'm gonna shoot for my dreams i hope that i make it
if i don't, fuck it, i've got a lot of patience
rapping what i wrote, it's on regular basis, mind stays faded

rappers ego centric, grinding like a blender
hustle vital information for your life, lori beth denberg
except a few more questions, if these dudes are your dogs then tell them to go fetch shit
rep shit, rap scene is wretched
but i've got brains like gretchin
recess, rejects, no regrets, we bet testin
the weed sux, and hope i could reset high school like a genesis
im living for the good like some benefits, that shit is fucking evident

i'm gonna shoot for my dreams i hope that i make it
if i don't, fuck it, i've got a lot of patience
rapping what i wrote, it's on regular basis, mind stays faded

i pondered perplex perceptions
squalor and fresh infection
infected every second
and my lessons learned burned off in sessions
cockiness that rose out when compliments overflowed the breaths of
fresh air, now i'm breathless
stupid incentives
dudes subjective
no ones attentive
i charred shards of innocence
and fed it to my sentiments
changing ranges of my image reflected in the men so eminent
prevalence isn't a fucking gift
thats just evidence that you are the fucking shit

culture brands us, grandmas and grampas
tangents over propaganda
can't stand it like running over bananas
like living two lives, hannah montana,
two colors, panda
dreams and doubts, stressing them
nyc pedestrians
man fuck these dicks, no lesbian
facing pages of hatred, this paper is seminal
once my mixtape drops like teenage genitals
like fake girls in centerfolds
real girls in a sweater world
and that real girl, i can't let her go
it seems extra terrestrial

staring at her face, i can't wait till she speaks again
in the night prada
in the day chanel
like she and him
she wears it well
and i could tell
but in my dreams she's just pretend


released February 8, 2012
beat by nuggiez
lyrics by young adult



all rights reserved



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