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180 hip hop
360 have nots
24/7 like a motherfucking wrist watch
spare ribs,
staring at the mirror, i see my only twin,
tia and tamara, take rest, these flows are subpar, i could care less
try hard, just cause you fly cars, doesn't mean shit
im embarrassed, that i'm caring for the careless,
officially married to this game, and i cradle these songs in a carriage
i'm reckless, im defenseless, but fuck it, i'ma wreck shit like ferris,
fuck a heiress like paris, everything you cherish will perish
off-topic, death, depression, deception, infections, call a medic, rapping on the clock, composed of decent merit
i run the bars like sheriffs,
rhymes hella long like a ferret
i will eat the cake and share it
fair shit
you're just a pale bitch
cold flows, shiver
spitting flows like rivers
free as fuck, flipper,
taking care of these dudes, babysitter
make it rain like mother nature
the pain of being patient
cause you're flow is fucking ancient
rolling up fishy shit like you asian
not complaining about shit that i've gone through
thats the old me
even though my life is chopped and screwed
like i od'ed on codeine

i work hard, you're just a vandal
so hate me cause i make a lot sense, candles
spit the truth, some type of shit you can't even handle
sample ample amounts of desires, my minds wired
my soul is hi-fi, my soul and my lungs are high fire
high five, liar liar, im so fly like spider, man, understand i'm wiser
rocking stripes like tigers, kicking beats like ufc fighters
i'm tired of this

graduate like dustin
money long like justin
fuck it, i'm just bustin
nuts, like obstruction
don't trust a word i say
matter of fact
don't trust a word anybody say

little people, what's happening
i happen to be lyrically spastic majestic fantastic, and my reputation is seen as a bad thing
but you only get one point of view like a flat screen
solutions are scarce
a lot of this is hard
models and the stars
these are fucking fat rhymes
spittin roseanne barrs
it's about lines
porn star scars

delirious, i'm fearing this future, is it serious
i can't really state it like a sentence with no period
bout to make a statement for the masses who are hearing this
clearly this is me, sweet as could be, like a hershey kiss
hurt by hurly burly bitches still feel i am worthy kid
heard you were good with playing with balls, come on serve me bitch
i'm just a nerdy bitch, type a personality
hip hop is dead, that a motherfucking fallacy
i'm real like reality
just killing these numbers, fatality
i ought to be rapping on a salary
asking questions like how could he?

and i could read you when i see you, fucking brail
rappers ain't got real beef like taco bell
talk about publicity, that's hot as hell
doing swell like a bad bruise
but u just broke a nail
remember school kids used to act hard to get hail
i won't really get into the detail
real g's realize theres more to life
how's that for some gmail
bitches talking with their dicks, she male
rapping stay lasted, motherfucker i will prevail
dreams already selling like a pre-sale
life is dragging it's ass on the floor like pussy cat, no females

i'm just a spaced out specimen
sticking to my regimen
straightforward like the predicate
stiched vintage lettermans
like dudes in street etiquette
i'm gonna do something i will never regret


released February 18, 2012
beat by maxmillion dunbar
lyrics by young adult



all rights reserved



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